Saturday 11th June 2011

Well, two surprises today, one excellent, one not so good.

The first one – we have a resident hedgehog! Cat went out this morning and could clearly see “something” so hubby got the binoculars out and it was a rather large hedgehog. We have had a hedgehog “hotel” in our garden ready for such an event for some years now, so I’m really pleased one has taken up residence. They faced each other for a little while, then hedgehog looked away, so did cat, and then hedgehog backed (yes, backed!) into the hedgehog home. Lovely. Very pleased.

Second – was sitting at the computer earlier today, not actually touching anything, just thinking, when BANG and FLASH! something exploded in one of the power extension leads, leaving me somewhat startled. Hubby came in to see what was up, and I discovered it was the USB hub power plug had burnt out. How can that happen? it hardly uses any electricity! but it had also fused the extension lead and thrown the switch on the main fuseboard. Luckily nothing was actually broken as a result, but my goodness me, it left me all of a doo-da.

Went to a new “stitch and bitch” group on Thursday – it was great. All the members are at least 30 years younger than me, and it’s wonderful to see young women continuing crafts. One tapestry, two cross stitch, and two knitters. I can’t knit yet of course, hoping to be able to by the end of the year with a bit of luck and a following wind. It was at the local Starbucks, so we all bought ourselves a drink and sat nattering (in my case) or doing, in their cases!

New turquoise Boden caftan arrived today. Fab. Excellent. Fits a treat. Delighted.

Very, very tired though. Can hardly string two thoughts together, so if this blog is a little disjointed, that’s why.

Have also booked five days in Cornwall, staying with my cousin and her family. Can’t wait. Hubby will stay here looking after cat and playing opera . . .

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