Monday 20th June 2011

Well, I went to the foot guy today, and I am to have five steroid injections. There’s a 60% to 40% chance they’ll work, if not, I think it means surgery. Hmm. There’s a four week wait, but that’s ok, because there is ED’s party to go to soon.

Also saw Trundle the Hedgehog again tonight – I did get excited, but managed to regain the power of speech more quickly this time. She was moving quite fast – but it was raining. Tomorrow I’m going to flip some slugs out of the compost bin so she has something to eat. Eww.

Pedicure tomorrow, hooray. My poor feet. They need a bit of pampering.

Thursday, hairdo and some bits and bobs in Solihull (for ED’s birthday . . . so can’t be too specific).

J K Rowling is up to something – she has a page on YouTube which is counting down to something – I’m interested to know what exactly.

That’s about it for today.

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