Monday 27th June 2011

Found, and buried, three dead hoglets (baby hedgehogs) on Saturday. Very sad. I think a fox must have got them. Haven’t seen the mother since. But have laid down fox repellent, probably too late for this litter. I don’t know how many there were, because apparently the average is four – five. But only one out of five hoglets survives to adulthood. Nature. Red in tooth and claw. Hmm.

Had hubby’s sister to stay this weekend, which was great. But of course I was absolutely pooped today, and after waking at about 9.50 am, went back to bed about 11.30 am and slept till 4 pm. But feeling a bit more like myself now.

Washed all the spare bedlinen today, including the towels, and it dried really quickly on the line. Tomorrow the rest of the washing, including our own bedlinen, and I’m hoping that will dry quickly too.

Am reading all the Harry Potter books before the last film comes out – have just started The Order Of The Phoenix. Damn, they’re good. When I’m reading them I feel as if I actually live in the world J K Rowling has created. Amazing. Huge cast of characters, and such realistic variety. She’s really caught the essence of school life, loneliness, bullying, swottiness, everything really. Love it to bits.

Am anxiously awaiting to see if I hear from the hand consultant guy tomorrow. Very interesting. But if not, will just see the physio on Thursday and see what she says.

ED’s joint party (with uncle) on Saturday – have present(s) organised, cake ready to fill, all systems go.

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