Thursday 30th June 2011

Heard from the consultant’s secretary yesterday – he agreed with the registrar that I was to be discharged. Hmph. But saw the physio today who said basically they’ve just passed me back to her. I have had 15 operations, and seen over 20 consultants, over my adult life, and have never, ever, had this happen before. Every other consultant (bar one, who shall remain nameless) has actually carried on treating me or doing tests until they found out what was wrong and made me better.
Still. The physio is organising an MRI scan of my neck, really to exclude that as a problem, and we will see what happens after that. Baby steps, baby steps.
This evening is knitting group (hurrah, coffee, chat, and cake!) and tomorrow is shopping delivery day. Also cake decorating for ED’s party day. Exciting.
No sightings of Trundle the mother hedgehog since the demise of the hoglets. Oh dear.
Garden, however, is looking lovely, thanks to the sun and showers, and my friend Maggie’s annual poppies have started to bloom. Excellent. 

Am very tired, though, now, so will have an early lunch and a sleep before Stitch and Bitch tonight.

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