Wednesday 6th July 2011

Saturday – went to joint 30th and 60th birthday bash. ED 30, her uncle 60. Fabulous venue, hog roast – and I haven’t eaten pork for some 28 years now – and it was absolutely delicious. Stuffing, apple sauce, lovely.

ED certainly enjoyed it, and both she and YD looked fabulous. Just fabulous. I was a very proud mother. 

All my family were there, my sister and her husband, daughters and our mum, and most of ED’s family (her dad has seven siblings, all of whom have children, and mostly grandchildren too), as well as hubby’s youngest son plus wife and children. Lovely, just lovely. Love my nieces To Bits.

But of course absolutely exhausting, and I have slept a lot since then to make up!

Still no sightings of mother hedgehog. Hmm. 😦

Took cat to the vet today for her annual injections. She doesn’t mind being in her little carrier, and walks into it quite calmly (maybe because we always have it available, and she sometimes plays in it), but hates, absolutely hates, being in the car, and yowls the whole time. Even when I’m stroking her head. There’s no aggression, she doesn’t attack me, or have any hackles up, but just yowls loudly.

As soon as the car stops, the yowling turns into a squeak, and she is completely silent in the vet’s surgery. Interested, though, in the other animals. Today there was a terrier, a chocolate labrador, and a chicken. Yes, a chicken.  In fact, once she’d come out of the carrier, she jumped casually onto another desk to investigate. When she has injections, she doesn’t wince, or yelp, or seem to notice at all. Bless her heart. We also had her ears checked (they’re fine), the vet gave her a worming tablet, and we have now started anointing her with anti-flea stuff. And she doesn’t seem to mind at all. A complete sweetheart.

Garden is looking good. The pansies are looking a bit sad though so I have moved the pot from the front of the house to the back, where they might do a bit better, and put one of the geranium pots in its place outside the front door. The sun is on the front most of the day (if it’s out at all) and I have a feeling geraniums cope better with sunshine than pansies. I can always replant the pansy pot, or just dump them, if they don’t recover.

Poppies going bonkers (the annual ones, the perennials are nearly done now) – and they’re lovely. Sort of raggedy petals, a bit like the parrot tulips.

And what else. Ooh, have bought two short sleeved tunic tops from Next in their sale. YD doesn’t really approve, but I love them. Am awaiting delivery from Boden of another top – mixed reviews so I’ll see what it’s like before I decide.

Saw the GP on Monday and she prescribed some better painkillers – Cocodamol (15 mg). They work very well, but are addictive, so I’m taking them alternate days, and Paracetamol on the days in between. Today is a Paracetamol day, so the pain’s not so good, but I know that tomorrow it’ll be ok.

Well, that’s about it for now.

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