Saturday 16th July 2011

I came back yesterday from five days in Cornwall, staying with my cousin Karen and her family. Her mum and dad, my favourite aunty and uncle, live next door, and it was just so wonderful to see them all. They live in a lovely house, in a beautiful part of the world, and you can see the sea from the living room. Excellent.


Stewie the cat


Lottie, foreground & Alfie

Aunty Jean

Uncle Al

Gull Rock

Kevin & Alfie


Coral & Steve

Johnny Cowling (youtube him!)

Karen & Kevin
Aunty Jean

waiting for the Rock Ferry to Padstow

steady as he goes . . .

Padstow, Uncle Al & Karen

It’s just great to spend time with family – we had so much fun. Can’t wait to go again. I swam – in the sea – love it – and in a little swimming pool with Uncle Al & Coral. Coral and I wore matching turquoise swimsuits. 

There are two cats, two dogs, two Shetland ponies, and a tortoise. Karen does a lot of “extra” work for Doc Martin, which is filmed in nearby Port Isaac. All the “Fishermen’s Friends” have full time jobs there too, as well as making CDs and doing gigs. 

There’s a real community feel to the place, you can’t walk along a road without somebody recognising them and stopping for a chat. And, just like in The Archers, there was a scarecrow contest! The different villages all have carnivals, different weeks, so that they can share the floats. A lovely lifestyle. A lovely area. If I lived near the sea, I’d swim in it every damn day. The air is clear, the sea is beautiful, the countryside is fab, love it all.

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