Thursday 21st July 2011

Monday hubby and I went to see the final Harry Potter film. In 3D. Absolutely amazing. Follows the book very closely, although misses a few bits and pieces out. Very, very good. Then lunch in Giraffe in Solihull, very nice. Sleep pm of course.

Tuesday I had a pedicure – excellent. Neat pretty feet now. No nail polish though, don’t do nail polish. And of course, obligatory sleep pm.

Wednesday – I did do something – now what was it? Oh, I know. I went to Top Hat n Tails, which is a cat and dog boarding kennels, to book Bertie The Cat in for a few days. They all seemed very kind, and the cats have balconies, as the pens are all inside a building. The cats all seemed very happy – and there were five kittens all in one basket. God love ’em – all fast asleep, one on its back with its head thrown right back. Oh bless!

Then came home and did my ironing before it mounted up any more. Sleep in the afternoon as usual.

Today I went to Birmingham Rag Market to buy some dressmaking material. Hubby dropped me at the local train station, and it’s a 16 minute ride into town! then a five minute walk to the market.

I bought enough material to make five tunic tops for £13. Now that’s what I call good value. One lot of fabric cost £2.50 per metre, the rest was £1 per metre. Amazing! lovely stuff too. Also, enough lambswool fleece (3 metres) to make some more bedding up for the cat, and so there will be enough to wash as well. Finally some PVC table cloth material for the outside table, and that was £3 a metre. The most expensive thing was the lambswool fleece, at £6.50 per metre! but the cat will absolutely love it.

Caught the train back and hubby picked me up, lunch, then sleep.

Then had to go to Hobbycraft to get the sewing thread. They do sell some at the Rag Market, but not the make I use (Gutermann). 

The first thing I’m going to make up is the cat bedding. Easy and quick, and will make a big difference to the cleanliness of the cat’s bed . . .

Next up, one of the tops to a Prima magazine pattern, only with short sleeves. I will be making one with long sleeves too, I have enough fabric in two different colours to make four tops, two with short, two with long sleeves. And then there’s the fifth top to make up from a different material, and haven’t decided on the pattern quite yet. Will wait and see what Prima come up with next month.

All very exciting.

And on Monday I’m having an MRI scan of my neck – another step towards fixing my poor hands and wrists. Tuesday means 5 injections in my poor old feet – let’s hope that works! and Wednesday will be phoning my favourite uncle to see how his consultant’s appointment went. Fingers crossed.

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