Tuesday 26th July 2011

My friend Cas from school came for coffee on Friday – we talked and talked and talked, walked round my garden, and had a lovely time.
Saturday the shopping came and then in the afternoon I started making a top from the fabric I got at the rag market. All went swimmingly. Sunday afternoon finished said top – a couple of “learning opportunities” on the way, but all is well, and the next one I do will be much easier as a consequence. I’m very pleased with it. I haven’t made a garment on the sewing machine for about a century, so it’s gratifying to know that I do remember some things . . .
Monday morning I went on what turned out to be a major mission to get some pots for the garden, some marigolds, and some bits and bobs of shopping. But Shirley seemed to be in the throes of some mysterious hissy fit, and there were police officers everywhere, and road works blocking off my favourite garden centre. Hmph. Eventually I gave up and went to Notcutts and Tescos, but I would really rather not spend my money on the “big boys”.
In the evening, at Heartlands Hospital, I had an MRI scan of my neck. Nobody really thinks there’s anything wrong with it, but it’s one more thing to be eliminated before they can sort out my hands and wrists. Allegedly. It was a very noisy and long procedure, but great lengths are gone to to ensure that you’re comfortable while you have to lie still for 30 minutes.
Today: have just potted up the marigolds, repotted some primulas which were looking a bit sad, and last night dumped my pathetic sweet peas, which were extremely potbound. Next year they’ll go in the ground on an obelisk. This year’s idea (pots and supports) failed. But, again, a learning opportunity. Also I washed out with Jeyes Fluid the seven empty pots. So now my back hurts. Ice pack currently on said back as I type, and lovely hubby has made a cup of tea.
Later on I have to have five steroid injections in my poor old feet, and am really trying to keep my mind off that.
When I’ve drunk my tea I shall have a shower and change into a proper, clean, nice person. Hmph.

The garden looks nice though. I’ve moved the pathetic pansies into the back, where it’s shadier, and hope they’ll recover, and put the two red geraniums in their terracotta pots outside the front door, one each side. They look much better, and prefer the sunshine too. Pots have their downside (constant watering) but make it very easy to change the look of the garden very quickly.

Photos possibly to come . . .

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