Wednesday 27th July 2011

In the night I realised I’d missed my friend Beth’s birthday. Feel awful about it. She lives in Malvern, in a beautiful house, with beautiful views across the valley. We worked together many years ago and have been friends ever since, even though we don’t see each other very often. So today I have written an apologetic card.
Had the injections in my feet yesterday. Two in the left foot, three in the right foot. All very unpleasant, but a lovely nurse held my hand while I squeezed hers very tight – she may have bruises. All over now though. I am to wait six weeks to wait for the steroid crystals to dissolve and see if it has helped. Last night and today I am feeling bruised and battered, and of course tired. But am resting and putting my feet up and using the ice bags I have, doing all the sensible things.
Here is a picture of the top I made. I love the colour. I have some very similar cream fabric for the next one – am a bit worried I’ll look like I’m wearing a hospital uniform though. But on second thoughts, don’t care that much. And jewellery will help.
The pattern is actually for a 3/4 sleeved garment, and I will make one each in orange and cream for the autumn/winter, but I wanted short sleeves for the summer. I’m trying to move away from t-shirt material and cotton jersey, because it clings to the unattractively bulgy bits above my bra at the back. Also, this style is loose and cool.
YD is coming for dinner tonight. Hubby is making lamb and potato pie. Delicious.
Also heard from my lovely French friend today. I was just about to send her a little hand written card but can’t actually get to the shops to buy one, and hands are too wonky to make one. But next week I’m in Solihull having my hair done, so will get some notelets then. Will look in Paperchase and John Lewis.

The plants I potted up look wonderful. The red geraniums look much better outside the front door than the pansies did. Why on earth did I think pansies would look nice in the summer, when the sun is on the front all day long (when it shines!)? They look lovely in the winter, when they really brighten it up. So the poor old pansies are at the back now, recuperating in the shade. The marigolds, bright orange, are lovely. I love strong bright colours. At the back of the garden I’ve planted two red perennial lobelias, and they’re just coming into flower. Something is eating the red covering of the stem, though. Probably earwigs, little b*ggers, but the flowers are doing their thing anyway.

Am reading Mildred Pierce. It’s very good. It’s on tv at the moment, but on Sky, which we have always avoided like the plague, on principle, so we can’t watch it yet, but when I heard it reviewed, I thought Ooh I know I’ll read the book. So I am.
Just finished a book written in 1905 about Henry VIII’s wives, from an international and political point of view. It was good, and showed a different side of the story, but really, the writer was so judgemental and racist. Anti-Semitic too – I couldn’t believe my eyes at one point. Just shows you – the comments he made in that book simply wouldn’t be published now (in this country anyway).
Well, I’m just about done now. And done in!

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