Friday 29th July 2011

Well, I’m in the middle of an “episode” with my back. It started yesterday afternoon, while hubby was asleep. I was supposed to be driving him to the hospital for an eye appointment.  They needed to put stuff in his eyes which would make them blurry, so that’s why. However, about half an hour before I was due to wake him up, I ended up on the floor, on my back, groaning slightly. What to do? well luckily I always carry my mobile phone in my trouser pocket, so I phoned and ordered a taxi to collect him in time. Then I had a little think, and when it was time to wake him, I phoned the house phone. Not the best way to wake up after a sleep, but there wasn’t much else I could do.
So hubby came groggily downstairs and helped me to the loo. That involved me rolling very slowly onto my front, and using a chair to rest my head on so that I could get up on all fours. Crawled to the loo like that, then hubby had to bodily lift me onto the loo. Managed after that to stagger about on two walking sticks.
Tramadol and ice packs help, and it’s improving slowly. I’d also phoned the doctor to ask for some more painkillers, and after a short discussion to make sure they don’t affect me badly, that was arranged and hubby fetched them this morning.

Slept not too badly, considering, but it did keep on going into spasm, but very short ones, not like the usual. Have also arranged an appointment with the osteopath next week, even though we’ll have two grandchildren staying with us. Needs must when the devil drives.

It does mean I can’t pick anything up off the floor, can’t feed the cat, can’t plug the phone back in after a sleep, can’t water the pots, empty the dishwasher, blah blah blah, the list goes on. Fortunately hubby is an absolute hero and doesn’t seem to mind. But then I’d do it for him if he were in a similar state.

If I can, tomorrow, I’m going to have a go at the ironing sitting down. Hubby will need to bring the ironing board in, and set it all up for me but it’s worked before now.

Anyway anyway anyway. Have started reading War and Peace on my Kindle. It’s very good, but I was getting a bit confused with all the different characters, so I have printed off a page from Wikipedia which lists all the principal ones, who they are, and what they do. It is helpful to have something I can look at quickly while I’m reading.

Also got three more Kindle books – free or very cheap. One is a Robert Ludlum one about Rome, and I’ve already forgotten what the other two are.

And now it’s hurting too much to sit still any more, so will do a short walk round the downstairs . . .

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