Wednesday 10th August 2011

Did the back in again on Sunday. I was showered and dressed, and had even done my stretching exercises specifically for the back, and turned awkwardly, and ping! it went again. Staggered around on a stick all day Sunday, not much better on Monday, but today it’s actually eased significantly. Poor old thing.
Meanwhile have heard from the physio that there are various things going on  in my neck according to the MRI scan, but none of those things would be causing the pain in my wrists and hands. So she’s going to arrange four sessions of physio specifically for my neck, and if my hands and wrists don’t improve as a result, refer me again, only to a different chap this time. It’s all taking ages and ages.
My sister is currently in hospital having had (planned) major surgery and we’re going to see her tomorrow. I had the same operation many years ago and nearly died of peritonitis afterwards, so I’m worrying, probably unnecessarily, but will be much happier when we’ve visited. Sent some flowers, which she says are lovely. Thank goodness for mobile phones, it’s so much easier to contact people now.
Made myself a tunic top today. It’s a practice one, because it’s the pattern I’m thinking of using for the salwar kameez. I’m going to iron it tomorrow and try it on again, and see what I think. It went ok, no problems at all really, except that the back neck is a bit lower than the front neck. The front neck is sort of scooped, not very low at all, but it’s a little strange. I expect I’ll get used to it, but the illustration on the front of the pattern doesn’t have the back lower than the front. Hmm. Must check it out.
I have enough material to make another three tunic tops and two different patterns to choose from. But the next thing I want to make is the salwar kameez – that is if it’s safe to go into Birmingham next week, say.
It’s unbelievable, all this rioting. When the press have interviewed some of the people actually rioting, they come across as not very bright, and have no idea why they’re actually doing it. One group of youths said that they could afford to buy the stuff they were stealing, it was just “the government, innit”. So how does that work then? Well, apparently, it’s not the government, “it’s the police, innit.” so how does that work then? Turns out it’s just because “everybody else is doin’ it, innit.” For goodness’ sake. What are their parents thinking? how come these kids just think of it as “free stuff”, and not stealing, or ruining peoples’ businesses and livelihoods? 
And that poor chap in Birmingham who tried to resuscitate his son, who had been killed in a hit and run. Three young men died trying to protect their property and business, and a car mounted the pavement, killed them all, and drove off. But somebody has been arrested, and they’re treating it as murder.  That doesn’t bring back this poor bloke’s son, though. It’s all so pointless.

Well, on that rather sombre note, that’s about it for today.

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