Friday 12th August 2011

Yesterday hubby took me to see my sister, who has just had major surgery. She was looking remarkably well, and in very good spirits. Her younger daughter was there, who is just wonderful, with an excellent sense of humour. It was very reassuring to see my sister looking so well.

And today she’s home! had the op on Tuesday, home Friday. That seems very quick to me. I was in for a whole seven days after my op, and even that wasn’t long enough. But she’s fine. And it’s great to be home.

perennial lobelia

rudbeckia with ladybird

roses – Tickled Pink

The garden’s looking good – just as well it doesn’t need too much doing to it, because my back is still clearly not quite the ticket. But we’re getting there.

Today I sorted out the tunic I’d made with the back neck lower than the front neck – all sorted now. And put slits in the side seams of the cream one I’ve done. Tomorrow it’s ironing day, and possibly Sunday will start on a new tunic top – cream broderie anglaise.

I cleaned the ensuite bathroom and the downstairs loo today. I had to be careful because of the old back, but it’s done now and very clean and satisfying. Very therapeutic. I used to clean the bathroom every week when I was young, foolish and energetic. Now it’s lucky if it gets a cursory wipe and some bleach down the loo, so to do a proper clean feels good.

Then of course I was absolutely knackered, so had to have a sleep this afternoon. But that’s ok.

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