Wednesday 17th August 2011

Have been doing some dressmaking. Made another tunic top, more successful this time. Today made another bag, a better one, more like the one in the pattern, despite a couple of glitches on the way.

My sister’s home and managing well. Will phone her tonight and see how she’s getting on. Her family have been looking after her but they’re all back at work now I think.

Tomorrow I start a course of physio for my neck. The plan is that it should sort out my wrist/hand problem. It will be excellent if it does, but if not I will have to be referred back to the hospital. Hmm.

The old back is still a bit fragile, but just about ok if I’m careful. That means not doing anything like lifting full watering cans, or anything terribly energetic. But the weight is staying the same without any exercise (except for the stretches I do every morning for said back).

Have ordered some yarn – Sirdar Denim Chunky in cream – to knit a lovely, lovely short-sleeved cardigan. Pattern was in Let’s Knit magazine and even though I can’t knit at the moment, I’m still stock-piling the yarn. I have loads and loads of lovely yarn I can’t wait to get going with. Need of course to finish hubby’s sleeveless jumper first.

Next week am off to Stratford with hubby to see new theatre, have lunch, and book tickets with some vouchers we have to see a play. Sedate but thrilling at my age and state of health!

Tuesday am off to Birmingham Rag Market again to get material for the salwar kameez I’m still hoping to make. My friend Deb from school came to see me on Tuesday, and she’s been dressmaking all her life, so gave me some very helpful advice on how to ease sleeves, which I practised a bit this morning. It involved doing the ease stitching with the sewing machine instead of by hand . . . worked really well, but of course that wasn’t on an actual sleeve … will see how it goes with the next garment.

My friend Sylvia, who used to teach me machine knitting, has been having some health problems lately, one of which has been going on for several years. The hospital put it down to her tablets, but it turns out it’s peripheral neuropathy, and they’ve finally given her tablets for that and for the vertigo. Frustrating for her, let’s hope it all works.

Am currently listening, on headphones, to the bonus CD on Back to Black by Amy Winehouse. Loved her, she was fab. Sad to lose somebody so gifted so young, and her family seemed so lovely and supportive.

Received the new Land’s End catalogue – their jeans look very interesting. Am planning to order two different styles and see which suits me better, also a nice pin-tucked top in a coral colour. Exciting.

So life is currently good and not too complicated, as long as I get a good sleep !

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