Saturday 17th September 2011

Goodness, is it really a week since I posted? my system must be slipping.
Well, what have I done this week? On Wednesday I had my last physiotherapy appointment, and I am to be referred to a (different) specialist. Still lots of pain, worse in my elbows now, despite a slight improvement before. A bit fed up to be honest. Not sure how long I’ll have to wait for that appointment. At least 4 weeks, they’ve said.
I also phoned the foot clinic, as I have pain in my left foot which is getting worse. The two toes next to my big toe are separating, and so one is pressing into my big toe. Not good. It seems that the injections more or less worked, except on this particular bit, and so it may well mean surgery. Ah well. I did think hard before phoning, because surgery is no fun. I have an appointment next Wednesday to see the chap.
Then Thursday evening I went to the knitting group, which is always lovely, even though I can’t knit.
Friday lunchtime went out with two people I worked with at Coventry Council – my ex-boss Warwick, and Maggie. We went to Giraffe’s in Solihull, and it was excellent. The food is interesting and different, and then we wandered back along the (pedestrianised) High Street rather than through Touchwood, and they came in for a nice cup of tea when they dropped me home again. My time working for Coventry City Council was one of my favourite jobs.
I have defrosted and iced (with frozen buttercream icing – which worked really well) – a carrot cake, and made a coffee cake. Both to take to Kate’s 40th party as dairy-free desserts are difficult. The coffee cake is still cooling, so I made the buttercream and have put it in the fridge till later. That way I only have to actually ice the cake when it’s cool enough.
My sister is recovering well, although still very tired and in a lot of pain. She and I are currently planning our mother’s 80th birthday – can’t say too much at this stage, mother may well read this blog.
My uncle is walking without a stick and even driving a little as well – it’s such good news.
Various sewing projects all waiting to be done – a towelling beach changing robe and three new tops. Possibly the same pattern as the salwar kameez tunic, but with a V-neck I think.
Have had to return two pairs of jeans to Land’s End – the quality is good, but they “grow” when I wear them. Shame. But I’ve ordered two more pairs from Marks & Spencers and am fetching them on Monday. They’re very cheap, so I don’t have huge hopes for the quality, but you never know. The reviews were excellent.

And that’s about it for now.

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