30th September 2011

Busy week, really, although looking at my diary, I don’t seem to have done very much at all. However.
I had a look at my friend Sylvia’s computer, which was switching itself off randomly and making horrible noises. I cleaned it all out and it’s a bit better now, – no noises, although XP is running like a snail. Will have another think about that. I have to go back because the compressed air I’d ordered hadn’t arrived, and apparently that’s excellent for cleaning out the insides of electronics. It’s arrived now, so I’ll arrange to go back there.
Discovered this morning that my car’s MoT test was due two days ago, so have booked it in for next week for a service and MoT together. Tomorrow is flu jab for hubby and me both, Monday I’m at the doctor’s, but can borrow hubby’s car for that.
Today have sorted out my car insurance, the house and contents insurance, my knitting room and yarn stash, including the pile of knitting magazines which was growing exponentially, and all in one afternoon. 
Slept really badly last night, it’s so hot, and all my wonky bits were hurting too, so had to go back to bed – having got up at 10 am was back in bed by 11 am. But felt better by 1.30 pm.
Washing drying very effectively on the line. I do have some sewing to do – a pair of jeans to take up (so no change there then) and I’m going to take the tunic of the salwar kameez in as it’s a bit roomy. But that can wait till Sunday.
Tired now, but a nice cup of Lady Grey tea should help, and writing this blog. Awaiting letter from hospital and phone call from foot guy re wonky hands / arms and feet respectively.
Am getting more used to my HTC phone. Finally seem to have the home screens sorted out, a wonderful calendar and the sync (which I do manually twice a day) is good too, although don’t seem to be able to upload appointments from the phone to the Google calendar. But that’s not really a problem.

Had a lovely pedicure yesterday, a cuddle with Lucy the beautician’s dog, who is delightful, and my friend. Also a nice cup of tea is provided every time, so it’s all very enjoyable.

Think that’s about it really. Knitting group is lovely – a lovely chat and a coffee and cake at Starbuck’s. A really interesting group of people, all very different, from all walks of life. All joined up by knitting!

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