Sunday 9th October 2011

Well, I’ve changed to wordpress because blogspot changed all their interface and I hated it.

I’m a bit low today, to be honest, because – well, not sure really, but have discovered my 79-year-old mother had a nasty fall the other day and didn’t tell me when I phoned her the other day, and we spoke for about half an hour, also because my arms and hands are very painful, and I’m fed up with that, and I’m just bad-tempered I suppose.

But I’m smug about the garden – here are some photos of how it’s looking at the moment. I decided I’d plant a few more annuals – have planted some cream and dark purple peony-head poppies in the front and back garden, and the corner bed in the photos is full of bright blue and dark purple cornflowers, which I’m hoping will look nice next year.


Have also just made an apple and blackberry crumble – the fruit was given to me by my friend Sue. I’ve kept half of it back so I can make some jam this coming week – need hubby’s help with that because I can’t lift the jam pan once it’s got stuff in it, but it’s all quite exciting. I’ve only made marmalade from a kit, I’ve never made jam from actual fruit before, so it’s a new experience for me!

Apple and Blackberry Crumble

Apple and Blackberry Crumble

Tomorrow I’m making bread rolls and cleaning bathrooms. Well, definitely the bread rolls, will have to see whether I’m up to bathroom cleaning as well, but we’ll see.



I must let everybody know this new blog address – I know of two people who definitely read this, my niece who’s currently in Kazakhstan I think, and my French friend Rejane.

Well, I think that’s probably it for today.

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