Saturday 15th October 2011

Well, a busy week all in all. Monday –  can’t remember, too long ago. Tuesday – haircut and went to various shops while I was in Solihull. I needed to go to the health food shop and got some oat bran and some tea tree oil, also some herbal tea which is difficult to find in the supermarkets now.

Wednesday made some apple and blackberry jam from fruit I’d been given. Half of it was made into a delicious crumble, the rest into jam. I’ve never made jam from fruit so this was a first – and a raging success, I’d say!

Thursday – slept in then to Stitch Solihull in the evening, after taking all the Next stuff back to the shop and going to H&M instead. Better range, nicer colours, and cheaper! Rude not to really.

Friday – to my friend Sylvia to fetch her computer for repair, and to my friend Sue to re-wire her computer with new USB lead and new power lead. All working now.

Today spent working on Sylvia’s pc. It involved taking everything out of the old case and putting it in the new case. All went swimmingly until I tried to boot it up and it wasn’t having any. Eventually, after much faffing around, and eliminating things one by one, discovered that the IDE socket on her motherboard is not working, and had to disable it in the BIOS for it to work. That involved swapping her IDE DVD RW for my SATA DVD RW, but all is working now, both with her pc and mine. And her pc is running quietly! hooray!

Am now exhausted and am off to bed right now.

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