Last Wednesday, hubby had a tummy bug. He ended up in hospital, very poorly indeed, needing 6 pints of blood, but is now stable enough to be on a normal ward, as opposed to a High Dependency Unit, and they have disconnected all six tubes. Some of the cannulas are still in, but the main one, which was just by his collar bone, and involved stitches (!) has come out thank goodness.

So he’s been in hospital since last Wednesday night, and only yesterday moved to a normal ward. So many people have been sending their good wishes, it’s lovely.

YD lives ten minutes from me, so she’s been fetching and carrying and cooking me dinner and things. ED needed to stop off here to break her journey from Southampton to Nottingham, so came up a day early and also fetched, carried, cooked, and looked after me generally. What wonderful people.

All three of hubby’s sons have been in regular contact. None of them live locally, one lives in Dublin, one in Brighton, and one an hour’s drive away. I’ve texted or phoned them all every day and whenever there’s any news (usually when I’ve visited him).

The cat is most discombobulated. Her routine is all over the shop, and although she lets me cuddle her, she’s clearly not happy that he’s not around.

Hopefully in a few days, when he’s walking about without fainting and his system is back to normal, they’ll let me bring him home.

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