Home Again

Hubby is home. Anaemic, a bit wambly, but home. Hooray! the GP is to put him on iron tablets to help with the anaemia. Lots of nice cups of tea – he’s quite particular about how he likes his tea, and after 21 years I think I’ve just about got the hang of it. Lovely bubble bath to wash off the hospital smell and just to feel nice again.

The hospital care was absolutely wonderful. Everybody, from the top doctors to the cleaners, was just delightful, caring, kind and practical. That makes such a difference. In all my times in hospital over the past 30 years or so, only two nurses have ever been vile to me. And that was in a private hospital! Hubby was in an NHS hospital. They just don’t get paid enough, however much it is. And it isn’t much. The hours are long, they are permanently at full stretch, and still find time to spend with each patient, answering the questions patiently and fully. Fabulous.

Now it’s time to recover. Convalescence doesn’t usually come easy to my husband, but this time I think it will be better, because he’s just so wobbly. I’m temporarily in charge of cooking! I can actually cook, but have lost the habit over the years. Tonight will be either: bacon or potato omelette, or breaded fish & chips with peas, or possibly a jacket potato. Decision to be made shortly.

Cat is clearly delighted hubby is home, but has quite a subdued way of showing it. Lots of purring, and sitting next to him, and winding herself around his legs (here’s hoping she doesn’t actually make him fall over . . .) and much more playful now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The garden is winter-ready now. All pots wrapped. Front garden pots also wrapped in fine green mesh so they don’t look so ugly. Hoses and watering cans in the shed. Annuals mostly dumped. One more to go, but it’s a fucshia still flowering, so that can wait until the frosts kill it. I just need to put the outside tap covers on. I’ve even lagged the condensing boiler’s outlet pipe with bubble wrap? impressed? well, if not, why not?

Still awaiting appointment for hands and feet. Still haven’t fixed the lack of dual boot on Ubuntu 11.10 but am getting some support now, so it is being worked on.

Ordered a duffle coat today from Monsoon. I ordered size 12 and size 14, and will see which one fits. It’s camel coloured, so my black scarf/gloves set, and the cream set, will go, but if the coat fits, will get a red scarf/gloves set too. I really wanted a turquoise or red duffle coat, but you’d be surprised how hard they are to find at a reasonable price, yet made with wool. This one is both reasonably priced, and made with wool, so ticks almost every box, except the colour, which I will add with scarf/gloves. Hmph.

Tomorrow Middle Son is flying over from Dublin to see his Dad, which will be just lovely. Youngest Son wants to visit too, and Eldest Son really has his hands full with three poorly children, full of coughs and colds, in his two bedroomed flat in Brighton, and a full time job in London.

Must make some jam tomorrow. Have defrosted the blackberries and the cooking apples are just waiting to be dealt with – exciting. Will make a better job of it this time. Dumped the last lot, it was foul.

That’s about it for now.

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