Sunday 30th October 2011

Hubby improving bit by bit. Tired and washed-out, but definitely improving.

Made more jam yesterday and it’s wonderful! excellent. Much better recipe, and I followed it carefully, instead of assuming I know it all and slinging it all in the pan together. Very pleased.

The first spare battery I’d bought for my new phone was faulty, so sent it back for a refund. Bought another one, as I’ve been keeping my mobile on all the time while hubby was in hospital, and that involved swapping the SIM card from new phone to old one, so I could keep new phone charged up. New battery works a treat. The new phone also works very well as satnav, so have bought in-car charger and dashboard weighted holder for it. Excellent. £18.50 for both, and the app is free (skobbler) and works great.

More Christmas presents bought, and brown wrapping paper along with red and gold wrapping ribbon. New duffel coat from Monsoon is excellent, have ordered one each of a red and a turquoise scarf and gloves set, to add a bit of fizz.

Just finished Jodi Picoult’s “Vanishing Act”. Excellent. I do like her books. Next one is Leslie Thomas “Orders for New York”.

Tomorrow am planning to try the new lash extensions I’ve bought and see how that goes, use up the six eggs which go out of date tomorrow making two carrot cakes and a trifle base or two, and rest in the afternoon. Am gradually catching up on my sleep, but I don’t think I’m very relaxed. I ache all over, in a muscle sort of a way, not in a flu/cold sort of way.

Still – yes, still! waiting for appointment for wonky hands and feet. Am sick and tired of the pain now. Am using my ice packs almost all the time now, just to keep it under control. Hmph.

Garden winter-ready now. All pots wrapped, taps and outside pipes insulated with bubble-wrap, bed to be re-planted weed-killered and covered with black plastic, weighted down with stones.

Cat particularly affectionate at the moment, possibly glad both her food providers are back and available. . . . .


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