Monday 14th November 2011

Am a bit less tired today, although still not brilliant. This week am going to be much stricter with myself about how much I do. Tomorrow nothing is booked, Wednesday appointment with the GP, and Friday off to see ED, who will fetch me and look after me generally.

Have removed the fake eyelashes. They were driving me crazy. They felt heavy, and I was conscious of them all the time, and when I was trying to sleep they prickled my eyelids. It was definitely worth doing, and I’m glad I’ve tried them, but also very glad I only spent £7 having them done, rather than the standard £65+ you normally have to spend.

I’m delighted with the poppy which is flowering – there’s another one on its way into bloom too. They’re perennial poppies, and I cut them right back after the June flowering, so now they’ve come out again. Beautiful. A splash of colour in the autumn. Lovely.

Almost all of the Christmas shopping is done. I still need to make some more jam, and four more presents to be hand made, but that’s it apart from hubby’s thing(s).

Hubby is 99% recovered, I’d say. He’s feeling much better, generally, but has the odd moment where he feels a bit wambly. But it’s only been 24 days since he had six pints of blood transfused . . .

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