2nd December 2011

Goodness me but the time goes quickly. I’m all ready for Christmas, though, all presents bought and mostly wrapped (only hubby’s to wrap when he’s out or asleep). All baking done – today made some strawberry jam – from a can though so it’s cheating really, but it does save having to prepare all the fruit. All bottled and setting nicely (I hope!)

Tuesday  went to see the osteopath, who sorted out my back and shoulders, all very tense. The weekend was very difficult because I had a mini-episode with my back. No tears or inability to get out of bed, but Friday morning I had woken in a lot of pain, but had to clean the bathrooms, as ED and chappie were coming for the weekend, to take hubby to the Good Food Show. A good time was had by all, but I did need some treatment.

Yesterday made a coffee cake for a family gathering a week on Sunday, froze it, and made enough chocolate buttercream for that and for the chocolate cake we’re having for Christmas. I actually love Christmas cake, full of fruit, but nobody else does, so we have just a cake. Instead of a “snow scene” on top, we have a “mud scene”, still with little trees and snowmen and things though.

And yesterday also went into Solihull for the usual knitting group, which this week was held at Waterstone’s, the bookshop, because the group and the shop have done a joint Christmas window display, made up of knitted reindeer and stuff, to advertise a Christmas craft book and showcase the knitting group. It’s just lovely! but by the time I got there there was only alcohol and buttery mince pies, so I went to Costa’s to get a take-away coffee. Guess what! they had dairy free Christmas cake! Hurrah! so I had a piece, delicious, absolutely delicious, and next Thursday will get some before I go to the group, which will be back at Starbuck’s. Unfortunately Starbuck’s Christmas cake is not dairy free, or I’d buy theirs.

Carpets and suite being cleaned professionally in about ten days – much sorting out of crap and moving of furniture will need to be done. I’ve started sorting already – but then I would, wouldn’t I.

Hands very painful. Thank goodness for food processors, electric toothbrush, and all electrical/mechanical aids, which help me live my life. Feet finally booked in for injections (well, along with the rest of me) for 29th December.

Sister and brother-in-law coming for lunch on 28th December. Can’t wait! we always have such a laugh with them.

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