December 3rd 2011

It’s my niece Sarah’s birthday today. She’s 30! oh my god I remember her as a little tiny baby, crawling determinedly, if slightly oddly, at 3 1/2 months old! Now she has two lovely little boys and works part-time.

The strawberry jam, you’ll be pleased to know, is absolutely delicious. I had some with my goat yoghurt last night. Yum.

Today the shopping was delivered from Waitrose, which hubby and I put away together as per normal. I also did some stuff in the garden. We have a wooden table and chairs, but I can’t find the winter cover for them. I had tried to make a sort of makeshift protector with a vinyl tablecloth, but it just kept falling off, despite the table clips. So I folded them up and put them in the shed, and while I was at it (and in the mood) cut back all the ugly dead rudbeckias and Michaelmas daisies. The rest of the plants look lovely in the winter, and we can actually see the pretty stuff now, including the dogwood with its red stalks. The green wheelie bin for the refuse collectors is full, and it won’t be dealt with now until April, but as I’m not planning any more gardening until then, that’s fine!

So of course I’m very tired, but also very smug.

Two of the grandchildren are having a kitten very soon. Their mum has been on the lookout for a few months now, and they’ve finally found one.  I’m betting they just can’t wait – I’m excited and I live 130 miles away!

Our cat Bertie has been particularly affectionate and cute today. She lay on her back for me to brush her and stroke her a bit – she just loves being brushed. I try and do it most days, and minimum 3 times a week.

Cold today. But that’s ok. This time last year we were all knee deep in snow, which was pretty from inside the house, but a bloody pain to get about in.

Must fix hubby’s computer – it won’t print. Same software as me (Ubuntu 11.10) but won’t print through the usb switch box. Hmph. Maybe tomorrow.

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