Monday 5th December 2011

Well, this morning I went to the Post Office to post all the various parcels – one to the Republic of Ireland, one to France, one to my brother-in-law in Droitwich, one to John Lewis returning some goods I don’t want, and to get the stamps for the Christmas cards.

The queue was halfway down the path. That means, I guess, approximately 30 people waiting. But all four tills were open, and so I only waited half an hour. That’s good going, I think. At the local sub-post office there are only two tills, and it’s not often enough they’re both open. I have waited more than 45 minutes at that one, and get very cross and harrumphy.

Next, popped in for a cuppa with my friend Sue, who isn’t very well, and nor is her husband. She’s an Avon lady, so I picked up my bits and bobs from her, had a chat, and then I went to Boots in the retail park. Free parking and it’s a huge store.

I wanted some new earrings, but they didn’t have anything I fancied, so just got my painkillers and came home.

Doesn’t sound like much, but I was absolutely exhausted after lunch, and slept for 2 1/2 hours.

Fish and chips for tea – not from the chip shop, they use milk in the batter, and four squares of chocolate and a tiny mince pie. Yummy. Yoghurt and jam later on.

Tomorrow probably involves a trip to the tip. It’ll be cold but dry hopefully.

Spoke to my Uncle Al tonight. His wife, my favourite aunty, has been poorly. Very poorly. But is on the mend now. Thank goodness for antibiotics, say I, and the National Health.

The cat has been a pain tonight. Miaowing and miaowing with no clear demands. Usually it’s “food” or “let me out” but tonight I think she just wanted us to be all in the same room. She’s settled down now anyway in her little bed.

My new Avon lipstick is nice. It’s not a solid screw-up one, it’s a sort of liquid with a little sponge pad to apply it, and it looks really nice. Sort of sparkly and “dewy”. And a lovely colour. Very pleased.

Well, that’s it for today!


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