Steroid Injections

Well. Yesterday I received a phone call from the Podiatric Surgery place, and despite my having been booked in for the injections on 29th December, they had a cancellation today at 1.30. I jumped at it! So this morning I had to bustle about a bit, go to the doctor to get my prescription, give the doctor’s receptionists a big box of chocolates as I am such a regular visitor (at least once every month), get some bits and bobs, and then do my ironing.

All because when I’ve had these jabs I have to rest for a day or two, in pain, and so needed all this stuff done beforehand. I was going to defrost and ice a coffee cake which is in the freezer all ready, because we’re off to Malvern on Sunday to see two of Vic’s sons and all five grandchildren, but I’m really not up to that. So bought some suitable cakes and macaroons instead.

I’d like to say I was as brave as a lion. But I wasn’t. I just wasn’t. I didn’t actually cry, or faint, but I did have to be ministered to with cold water and the bed tipped up so my feet were higher than my head. Pathetic. Lots of deep breathing and trying to ignore it, but it’s no good, these steroid injections are just damn painful, and that’s that. I’m fine with blood tests, anaesthetics, flu jabs, you name it, but it’s not just the needle with these jabs, it’s when they push the plunger. Ouch.

But all done now. Just recovery time. Phew.

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