18th December 2011

Sunday we went to Malvern, to see all five grandchildren. Harvey (10) and Toby (7) are like twins, even Rocky (Toby’s brother) can’t tell them apart! Alice (7) is taller than Lucy (10) ! it was lovely to see them. Love them.

Tuesday people came to our house to clean all the downstairs carpets, the stairs, and the sofa and chairs. So Monday we had to sort everything out to make it easier for them. Also, I went to YD’s house (she was at work) because I felt I was in the way otherwise. Hubby stayed here with the cat, but he felt the same. We’re very happy with the job they’ve done, it all looks new! Tuesday night everything was still wet, so we had to sort of camp!

Wednesday everything had dried, so we had to put everything back in place.

Thursday hubby went to the hospital for his eyes – he has cataracts. I went with him, because they use drops to dilate his pupils, so I had to drive afterwards. It was long and frustrating. We left the house at 2pm and got home at 6 pm.

Friday I went out to lunch with my friend, and hubby went out in the evening with colleagues from his old school.

But – all the baking is done and in the freezer, the Christmas tree is up (the cat loves it), the presents are all wrapped and/or sent, the shopping is ordered, and we are ready for Christmas. This year my mother is going to my sister, and for the first time it will be just Vic and me. Wonderful.  YD and  chappie  will come to see us on Christmas morning, ED and chappie will come up at some point but we don’t know exactly when. Mother is coming on Wednesday 21st and we can exchange presents.

My mother, in October, went to Scotland. In her car. She drove 1600 miles (2576 km). Amazing. She is Scots by birth, but has no accent. Her parents came to England when she was 3, and nobody could understand her, so she learned to talk like us (like them ?!). She had a wonderful time in Scotland, she loves it. She stayed at various hotels, booked before she went, and it was mostly good weather (I think she was very lucky!). She’ll be 80 next year, on 22ndApril, and she wants to do it again!

For her birthday, my sister and I are taking her to see a musical in London. We’re going with all four girls. She’s delighted.


And here’s our Christmas tree!

Hubby is 100% now. Everything’s fine. He goes for his 30 minute walk every morning, cooks, everything. Hooray!

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