My fancy schmancy phone

Well, it’s having to go back to be repaired. Every time I took a photo with it, it just switched itself off. After several hours on the phone to Virgin, it transpired that it’s unstable because it has old “firmware” on it, and is refusing point blank to update itself. Hmph. Tried absolutely everything. Different battery, soft reset, hard reset, followed all the instructions given to me on the phone and on the internet. No joy. Luckily I have kept my old phone, which works fine but doesn’t do my calendar. Virgin will send me a jiffy bag, I’ll send it back, and they’ll repair it. Or, if they can’t, I suppose they’ll send me another phone.

Today am off to hairdresser in Solihull. But I just know I won’t be able to park, as it’s THAT time of year. So am ordering a taxi, because hubby has had to go back to the flipping hospital again today and is currently either at the hospital or struggling through traffic.

The cat was particularly affectionate this morning – a paw round each side of my neck while she snuggled her head under my chin. Until she spotted the lights on the Christmas tree, and wanted to pat a bauble. Just gently, you understand.

Watched “The Green Zone” last night. Very good. Tense, but good.

Right, must go and shower/arrange taxi.

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