Christmas Eve

Well now. A busy week. Monday I had my hair cut and met my friend for lunch. Solihull was absolutely heaving, so I took a taxi there and hubby came and fetched me. I was exhausted, but it was wonderful to see Fiona. We used to work together at Solihull Council, and she still works there. We meet most months, when I have my hairdo.

Tuesday I slept! Wednesday my mum came over so we exchanged presents. Thursday morning I went to see my old school friend, home, lunch, early sleep, then another old school friend came round in the afternoon. Deb has just given up work – hooray, say I. She’s been so ill and stressed these last few years, I’m really glad she’s stopped working now. Time for her to rest, relax, and get well. Then knitting group in the evening, which was a really good laugh.

Friday we had the shopping delivered and I did my ironing. The shopping was a bit fraught, actually, because Waitrose’s delivery van broke down, so instead of being delivered between 1 and 2 pm, it arrived by taxi at about 3.45 pm. But what a good idea! and how fraught for them! I was expecting lots of things to be missing or wrong, but no. Excellent.

Today have cleaned the bathrooms thoroughly, including the shower heads and floor, and hubby and I have made up the guest bed for ED and chap on Monday, when they are coming to stay the night.

So, all ready for Christmas really. Final load of washing just finishing (it’s the dish cloths which get changed every day, and we were running out). It’s a boil wash, so has taken two hours. But nearly done.

Coffee cake, filling and syrup defrosting ready to do. Cat washing her nether regions. Lovely. House clean, hubby has vacuumed, feeling very smug.

Lunchtime, then ten minute walk, then sleep I think.

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