Well, thank goodness, it was a sort of mini-flu type thing. Felt absolutely sh*t for three whole days, but today I feel fine. Have been up, about, buried the dead mouse the cat left me, emptied bins, sorted out washing and paperwork, busy busy busy.

New trousers I’d ordered from John Lewis came today. Horrid. Going back. New bra from M&S also. Lovely. In drawer. Also new Simon’s Cat book – the one about his new kitten. Excellent. Laughs on every page. And have two new tops from Laura Ashley. Also lovely, on hangers in wardrobe.

Off to RSC soon with family – can’t wait! love it there. Also have a voucher for some beauty treatment – at the moment am leaning towards a stone massage. And possibly a manicure.

Wrote my mother’s thank you letter – she does a box of bits and bobs, all carefully thought out and appropriate.

Cat is frightened of toy baby penguin I bought. I love penguins to bits, but the real things is a bit smelly and unsuitable as a pet, I’m guessing, particularly in the temperate climate here. And not sure the cat would be too impressed. She’s not too impressed with the toy one, even, so it’s a good job I haven’t bought a real one. Kidding.

Have had to cancel/postpone lunch with my lovely sister and her husband though. They were supposed to be coming over on Wednesday. I was going to do home made pizza and home made trifle. But was just too poorly and pathetic. We’ll see them soon somehow or other.

Oldest grandchild (OG henceforth) has a mobile phone! how exciting! can’t wait to see it! mine is at the menders’, been fixed, coming back soon thank goodness. Old phone is ok and works but doesn’t do the calendar thing.

ED has bought me special gloves which have a fingertip thing which works on touch-screen phones, and a thing which you can use to tap them with, because I have trouble sometimes with the keyboard being so small on such a small screen. Hooray! and an Amazon voucher which I’ve spent on Simon’s Cat kitten book (see above).

That’s it for now.


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