New Year!

Well, Happy New Year to us all.

I will be less snappy, less stroppy, less bossy, less know-it-all.

Tom Hollander as Adam Smallbone

I will  accept I have a small crush on Adam Smallbone/Tom Hollander (pictured), and stop worrying about it. He’s lovely – the character, and the man is an excellent actor.

I will take more exercise, even if it’s only a ten minute walk round the block.

Ok, that’s enough New Year Resolutions for now.

Last night fireworks from two doors down and the golf club across the road woke us both up at midnight, and frightened the cat somewhat. So I got up, comforted the cat with cuddles, whispered sweet nothings to her and stroked her while she purred, and went back to bed.

My friend also phoned at midnight, to say Happy New Year, and was mortified that we were in bed – but we were already awake . . . I get so tired I can’t stay up till midnight any more. It’s just another day. It’s all so arbitrary. I follow the passing of the seasons more than anything else, although I do keep a diary so I know when I’m supposed to be going to various medical appointments, or better, seeing friends.

When I was young I always saw in the New Year, with parties, alcohol, food, dancing. Loved it.

Well, I suppose I’d better go and get dressed now. I’ve had a small banana and two very nice chocolates for breakfast, despite the amazement of hubby, who thinks chocolate is not for breakfast time. Honestly! What’s he like?

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