7th January 2012

So far so good as far as New Year Resolutions go.  Not been too stroppy as far as I know. Went for a walk round the block today – first time I’ve felt up to it really. Also did 20 minutes in the garden, just tidying up a bit. That always feels good.

The cat was very brave this morning and went and investigated the shower while I was getting dried. She was very tentative, as well she might be, because of course the shower tray is wet! but decided all was well and she didn’t need to interfere.

She got stuck the other day in a corner, having fallen down between two bookcases which are screwed to the wall. They are both over 2 metres high, so there was no way she could jump out, despite trying a few times. She howled desolately so hubby went and got a large towel and hung it down there, so she could scrabble up it. She was very frightened. Silly animal! but she’s a lot more careful when she’s on top of the bookcases now.

New underwear arrived today – oh bliss. 20 pairs of pants and 10 pairs of socks, all neatly in the drawer, all old socks and old pants dumped. Hooray!

The stylus ED gave me for Christmas works really well with my mobile phone – makes life much, much easier.

Hubby has a cataract operation on his right eye on Thursday, but is refusing to discuss the possibility that he may still need glasses. Oh dear. Fingers crossed. He won’t talk to me, the optician, or anybody else. Men. Hmph.

Still awaiting surgery on wonky wrist.

In the middle of a scatter cushion crisis. Well, crisis is a bit of a strong word. Ordered six turquoise scatter cushions from Marks and Spencers, but they’re the wrong colour. They’ll have to go back, but the box they came in is huge and heavy. Have ordered one teal one which will arrive on Monday, so will see how that looks. If that works better, will order some more. But the local store doesn’t sell them, so had to order one, which of course I should have done initially. Perhaps I should have ordered one teal and one turquoise to start with. Ah well.

Just finished a book by Monica Ali called “untold story” – the idea is that Princess Diana faked her own death, and it’s the story of how she “lives” now, like an ordinary person. Excellent, a real page-turner. Now on a Henning Mankell one – not a Wallander one, one of his others. I do like his stuff.


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