Wednesday 11th January 2012

Hubby had his cataract operation yesterday – a cancellation came up. He’s doing fine. The operation doesn’t hurt at all because they use drops to anaesthetise your eye, and you can’t feel anything.

The eye they’ve done has a dilated pupil, but that’s all. His vision is a bit blurry but we’re going to have a go at watching the football tonight and see how that goes.

He’s now saying he will talk to the optician (as if it were all his idea! grrrr) and we found an old pair of glasses and popped out the lens (again, he said it was his idea, but I gave him a basilisk stare and he said Oh yes it might have been your idea).

But there’s the radio, and his music, and I can drive him anywhere he wants to go.

Am having my eyes tested on Friday – can’t wait. My current glasses are driving me crazy. I don’t like the way they look and they pinch my nose a bit.

Cushion crisis sorted. M&S sent their courier to fetch the ones which don’t match. The one I’d ordered via the store matches perfectly, so have ordered more. Excellent.

Have bought a scrapbook, because I found a load of photos and postcards all bundled up in an elastic band, and it would be much nicer if they were available in a book to look at. So had to get some glue dots, and tissue paper for interleaving.

Currently drinking coffee (not proper coffee, instant decaff, or I get all twitchy) and eating chocolate. Of course. What kind of woman do you think I am? coffee is no good without chocolate.

We have decided to feed the cat less wet food. One sachet a day, half in the morning and half at night, and dry biscuits in between if she cries. She was having one and a half sachets per day before that. She had been vomiting rather a lot, and I think it’s because she’d just been eating too much food. She’s not a big cat, approx 3.5 kilos, and not greedy really, but clearing up the vomit several times a week is no fun. No vomiting since the new routine, started only yesterday though, so early days yet.

Have had a little sort out of my desk drawers (hence the photo/card/scrapbook thing) and thrown away loads of crap. Much better now. Found three reporter’s notebooks which are just so useful for my endless lists of things. Only using one at a time, though, or I’d just get confused . . . . . . .



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