Sunday 15th January 2012

Hubby’s eyes are settling down. Both pupils are equally reactive now, but that took about three days. Reading however is impossible for him, and watching tv is difficult, because one eye has been sorted out, and has perfect vision, and the other hasn’t. But it’s only temporary, until he’s had the other eye done. He says colours are amazingly bright through the treated eye! and fortunately he can still operate the hi-fi, listen to music and the radio.

I’m having a min-episode with my back. Turned over awkwardly in bed on Thursday morning, and had to stagger about on a stick, taking strong painkillers, until I went back to bed and slept for five hours, then all Thursday night. Bummer. Big bummer. It’s gradually improved, but still not brilliant. However, it’s still better (i.e. shorter recovery time) than it was before the disc was removed, 18 years ago now.

No more cat vomit! hooray! but won’t get too excited until we’ve had at least a fortnight on the new eating regime.

Friend’s birthday yesterday – she popped round today and we exchanged Christmas presents, and I gave her her birthday gift. She bought us a Jamie Oliver thing which grinds and shakes stuff – absolutely perfect for making interesting salad dressings.

And I had spent today discussing with myself whether or not to start on the Hotel Chocolat chocolate spread ED had bought me for Christmas. Eventually, of course, common sense aka greed won, and I had two slices of toast liberally spread with the stuff. Absolutely Fabulous. Can’t wait to eat some more . . . . .

Had my eyes tested on Friday – the distance vision has remained almost the same, but the reading vision has deteriorated, so I have ordered one new pair of frames for the varifocals, and new lenses for my reading glasses and for my (varifocal) sunglasses. Very exciting. I’m currently having to wear an old pair of distance (varifocal) glasses because the current pair had big comfy nose pads on, and one of them has fallen off and disappeared. But the old pair has two big comfy nose pads, and they’re nicer glasses anyway. . .

I’m feeling quite low at the moment, and very tired. I’m not sure why, as I haven’t done very much at all, but maybe it’s just the being in pain that makes me both sad and tired. I did manage to do my ironing today, so I don’t feel completely useless. It’s not attractive, I know, to be wallowing in self-pity, when much worse things happen to people than being tired and/or in pain, so I try not to moan about it. Hubby says I don’t moan, or whinge, but then he would say that, wouldn’t he. Although he might say something a bit more non-committal if I actually did. Every morning I wake up thinking “Ah, right, today I won’t have an afternoon sleep, I’ll go for a ten minute walk and that’ll cheer me up” and then by lunchtime I can’t wait to get back to bed and lovely, lovely sleep. It’ll pass, I’m sure it will.

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