Well, I’m cross today. Various reasons, which will become clear.

On the news yesterday on the radio, there was quite a lot of talk about the ridiculous bonuses the bankers are getting. One in particular is causing some excitement, because he’s the RBS boss, and they are effectively owned by the state. But there are hundreds and hundreds of others! And one interviewee, can’t remember who, had the cheek to say it’s not sensible to antagonise the bankers. In the next breath, the newcaster said that there would have to be cuts to the police force.

So, how does that work then? the bankers cause the economic crisis, carry on making obscene amounts of money, laughing all the way to the – ahem – bank – and yet our essential services are being cut.  And why should we not antagonise the banks? they caused the problems in the first place!

It makes no sense to me at all. None.

Then today I have been to my lovely osteopath because my back is awful, and she and I always have a chat about her little girl, who is a real character, but quite difficult. Head-butting is the latest adventure. Oh dear. Am always exhausted after a treatment, so can’t wait till the afternoon when I can actually go to lovely, lovely bed.

It’s also very, very cold, and trying to snow. That’s actually not unreasonable at this time of year, but I’m just not in the mood. If it was sunny and cold, that’d be fine.

Hubby is managing his eyes better now, they seem to have settled down. Contact lens in untreated eye and (cheap) reading glasses.

Cat is spending a lot of time asleep – don’t blame her! it’s way too cold for her little paws outside.

That’s about it I think. Feeling less cross now. Doctor tomorrow, knitting group on Thursday. Hurrah.


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