Well. Had my hair done by the wonderful James at Toni & Guy in Solihull. Went to Boots and got hubby some sunglasses as he’s having his 2nd cataract done soon and really needs them. Luckily he actually liked them . . . also bought myself some No 7 “primer” – Airbrush Away or something and it’s supposed to make my skin look better (!) Will try it tomorrow morning.

Currently watching the footie (England v Holland, friendly  – hah!) and it’s half time, so thought I’d do a quick blog.

Hand/arm really giving me gip tonight, so here’s a photo of my warm bag, which my lovely French friend Rejane gave me. One minute in the microwave and you’re set. He’s lovely, isn’t he? the real cat isn’t too impressed with him, though.



Actually went in the garden and swept up quite a lot of dead leaves today. Found a dead mouse in one pile – I had suspected, as we’d watched the cat sitting for some considerable time waiting for something to appear. It either died of fright or boredom or even starvation. Poor thing. But the cat is at least earning her keep. The real cat, I mean.

Might consider a little light weeding another day . . .

Time for evening goat yoghurt plus large spoonful of jam.


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