Thursday 1st March

Last night, before the football, hubby and I walked across the road to the Harvester for dinner, so he wouldn’t have to cook. We ordered, then we went to get our salad from the salad bar. And when I’d loaded up my bowl, I couldn’t remember where we were sitting. No idea. Not a clue. It was not a good feeling. Brain fog descending . . . but fortunately hubby, being a man, has a sort of compass in his head, and always knows which way to go (except when he forgets to turn off the motorway at the appropriate junction . . .)

Today he had his 2nd cataract operation. Bit more fraught than last time – he said it took longer and there was more messing about.And they didn’t cover up his other eye, so he could see the instruments they were using. Not nice. And now it’s aching a bit, but not enough to take painkillers. This time we left our house at 11 am and arrived home at 5.15 pm. A long day. But done now. Thank goodness.

Lovely (separate) emails from two friends – one has just had her kitchen completely done, new units, new cooker, new floor new decorating, everything, and I’m going to see her in a couple of weeks. The other one moved to Tewkesbury about a year ago (?) maybe 18 months ago and lives in a lovely lovely house. She’s just retired and loves it. She had been very low for some years beforehand and I’d been encouraging her to just stop working, and now she finally has and is very very happy. Setting up a craft group locally, very excited, all good. Lovely.

We have rearranged our study slightly so it’s neater and nicer – bought a new Poang chair from Ikea, and two new Poang covers so they match. All the shredding meant we have been able to sell the 3-drawer filing cabinet, and buy a 2-drawer one, which imposes much less on the room.The study had been converted from the garage before we moved in, and it’s ideal for us.


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