The Day Before The Surgery

For those of you who don’t know yet, I phoned Warwick Hospital yesterday to see if they could tell me when they would fix my hand/wrist, and they said Ooh, we’ve just had a cancellation for Wednesday. I snapped it up – it’s been 16 months now, and I can’t wait.

Well. I’m excited, believe it or not. I know there will be some post-operative pain, and stitches and stuff, but I just don’t care. I’ve organised all the birthday cards for March (and there are quite a few!), this morning did half an hour in the garden doing stuff I want done sooner rather than in a month’s time, and am now feeling quite smug. I cut back all the sedums, weeded the front garden (which is very small), lifted and divided the dicentra which was much too big for its boots, potted up one part for YD and one for my friend Cas, and sorted out and planted up the “butterfly plants”.



Thank you to the Pacific Bulb Society for this picture

They are actually Oxalis Triangularis, and have beautiful purple leaves, which fold up like butterflies in the evening, and pretty pink flowers. The corms look like little tiny shrimps, and multiply over the year. I plant them in fresh indoor compost in March, keep them watered until October, then let them dry out over the winter. Come the following March, the corms have gone bonkers and there are loads and loads. This year I’ve done five pots, and still have enough to give away for another four pots.


Thank you to Orkney Flowers Blogspot for this picture.


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