Day 9 (after surgery)

Well, managed to sleep till 11 am today, so am hoping I won’t need to go back to bed again. Haven’t needed any painkillers for 24 hours now, which is good. Scar is a bit itchy, and I’m aware it’s there, but no more than that. Hooray!

New electric toothbrushes arrived yesterday – Oral-B 1000. Absolutely wonderful. My teeth feel extremely clean. There’s a little timer on it, which buzzes when you’ve done 30 seconds, and does that twice more, then when your two minutes are up, there’s a long buzz. It works very fast and seems very efficient to me. Very pleased.

Also, I decided to frog (unravel) the blanket I’d made on the knitting machine. It took hours and hours to do, and five minutes to unravel, because I have a couple of yarn winders. It all fitted on one winder – for scale, it’s 11 cm tall and 10 cm across. I do have a plan for this yarn, however. I’m going to knit a different baby blanket, with two strands of this yarn, in a lovely tuck pattern, as soon as I can knit again. (Anyone detect a distinct knitting theme to my later blogs . . . 🙂  ??)yarn unwound

Have treated myself to a small knitting notebook (from atomic knitting). Vital, if you ask me, for noting down all sorts of things. To start with, until I can go back to group and things crop up there, I’ve made a note of various yarns I love (all Sirdar at the moment, but that may expand as time goes by), with a page for each yarn, and notes about weight per ball, how many metres per ball, tension, etc, and then a list of prices on the various websites I use. So here’s a photo or two!

knitting bookpage inside knitting book

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