Spring Time!

Had an absolutely wonderful birthday. Lots of cards and good wishes via facebook, and some fabulous presents. I have a shelf in the fridge full of chocolate, from Hotel Chocolat, which is just my favourite. I was going to defrost a chocolate cake, but decided that really I have enough chocolate to last me probably a month, so will keep that for our visitors next week (ES, partner and three grandchildren – yay!)

We went out to lunch at the Bull’s Head in Earlswood, which is only about 5 minutes away in the car, but deep in the countryside. Beautiful. Very relaxing, very tasty (I had chicken and bacon salad, he had lasagne), and then a sleep afterwards.

And in the evening I ate lots of chocolate. Of course. Why wouldn’t I?

The weather is, and has been, absolutely beautiful, and set fair for the week. Excellent. Yesterday I unwrapped the pots from their winter blankets and cut back the fuchsia. Just a little bit of work makes such a difference! Hubby was at his son’s helping him re-hang doors and put up shelves – what a hero! very pleased with the work though, and so is his son, so a good result. He also got to see two of the grandchildren, which is always a joy.

I also emptied all the bins, washed the disgusting plug things from the sinks (how do they get so foul?), and knitted, on the machine, a baby blanket. YD has a brand new niece – called Jess.baby blanket


Hubby took me to the local garden centre today (an independent one I really like called Woolman’s) where we got three 60 litre bags of compost, some aubrieta, and some more gardening gloves. Very exciting. We got the table and chairs out of the shed, because it’s always a bit fraught in there over the winter time, so there’s room for the bags of compost. Planning some work on Tuesday – replanting the flower bed I rested over the winter, potting up some pansies I was given for my birthday, and planting some daffs from the same giver. Lovely. Can’t wait. Also discovered that aubrieta is very drought tolerant, so that can go in the front garden where there’s a gap because it’s so damn dry nothing grows there. Hopefully the aubrieta will.

Hubby is currently cooking our (roast chicken) lunch which smells absolutely delicious. After dinner, and some chocolate, a small sleep will be required, then I have my ironing to do.

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