Nearly The End of April

First of all – Happy Birthday to Rejane! (my French friend).

Weight gain – have been very good and strict, but yesterday ED and her chappie cooked me a fabulous meal, with starter – smoked salmon, avocado, and salad, then deep pan pizza with buffalo mozzarella and Parma ham. Ate the lot. Am absolutely full to bursting, even this morning  – oh, wait – it’s afternoon (12.25 pm as I write).

So I haven’t lost any weight yet. But will continue with the chocolate starvation regimen and see what happens in a week or two.

Health – aha! went to the hospital on Friday morning and was very reassured. Apparently I should expect some pain for three months. If it hasn’t resolved by then, well, they’ll look further into it. So I have stopped panicking, am taking painkillers, and knitting as and when I can. And here is a picture of the camper van for YD – who has always wanted one . . . it’s a door stop.


Mother’s Day Out. Went very well, all things considered, despite a couple of glitches. We couldn’t get a taxi from the restaurant to the theatre, as there were road works round it, so she had to walk. And there were steps down to the stalls! Aagh! I had promised all this was taken care of! but didn’t imagine there would be Kim.steps Down To The Stalls! Again, Mother just managed it. She is brave and determined, and just gets on with stuff. Timing went absolutely according to plan, just exhausting for all of us. Good though!

Mother & Sister.Mother and BeckySister & nieces

Time to Blog

Well. Where to start?

Maybe with the weight gain. I had a birthday, then Easter, and at one point there was a fridge shelf absolutely packed with chocolate. So I have been eating chocolate fit to bust, and have consequently put on half a stone. New regime – only two squares of chocolate per day. I had got into a habit where every time I was in the kitchen, I’d help myself to a square or two, and of course that adds up to at least ten cubes per day. Not good. But habits are hard to break. So I’m being very, very strict with myself, and only eating two chunks a day. In the evening, after dinner. I’ve also changed my sweeteners. Hermesetas leave a sort of tang, but have discovered Canderel, which are much nicer. Three times the price, but much nicer.

When I could drink tea and coffee with milk in, I didn’t need sugar/sweeteners. But black, no sugar/sweetening is just that step too far. I also drink lots and lots of water every day, at least 1.8 litres. I always, always have a glass of water beside me. So generally speaking I think I eat and drink fairly healthily – I love fruit and vegetables, and don’t eat sweets other than the dreaded chocolate. I don’t drink alcohol (makes me feel really ill), don’t smoke, so chocolate is really my only luxury. Not even a vice – it’s good for you in small quantities, according to the medics.

We will see how it goes. I’ll report back.

Next. Health. Big bummer. My left hand/wrist was healing very nicely, and I was in hardly any pain, and was actually able to knit. Finished hubby’s top, as per photos in last blog, and almost finished (apart from the stuffing) a door stop in the shape of a VW camper van for YD,  but there is a hard lump all up one side of the scar, it’s painful, and I am back in the pain I had before the operation. Hmph. Ice packs, painkillers, waking at night, the lot.

So I phoned the hospital, as I was due a review there after six weeks, and hadn’t heard. They have made an appointment for me on Friday at 9.10. Which is excellent, except that I will be absolutely wrecked because on Thursday it’s Mother’s Day Out. But I’m desperate to get it sorted one way or another. I have a horrible feeling it could involve more surgery, possibly under general anaesthetic. General anaesthetics knock me about much, much more, for several weeks/months. But I need to get my hand fixed, so whatever it takes, I’ll do.

And I’m done in. Absolutely exhausted. Didn’t wake till 12 noon today, because I didn’t set the alarm. Every time. I do set the alarm if somebody’s coming, or if I have an appointment, of course, but even so I need at least 14 – 18 hours sleep a day. A Day. That means I am awake for six to ten hours a day max. And not all in one go, either. A shower leaves me so tired I need to sit down and have a cup of tea/coffee.

On the positive side, though, the weather is lovely, and the garden looks a treat. 🙂

The Knitting Project

Finally, finally, finished hubby’s v neck slipover. Actual knitting time – approximately seven weeks. Elapsed time – eighteen months. But hurray! jubilation! and celebrations! it’s finished, it fits, he loves it and I am absolutely delighted.

I used a slightly different making up method – with the right side facing me all the time, so it looks much better than my usual. It was a sort of mattress stitch, even on the ribbing, and even when one side of the seam was purled, and the other was knitted. Worked a treat. I am also pleased with the v-neck – I followed the instructions in the pattern, but wasn’t quite sure how to work the decreases. But it looks fine.

The pattern I followed was from Yarn Forward magazine, and either they, or I, got the amounts of yarn required wrong. I thought I’d worked it out by yardage, which is what I usually do, and I thought I needed 9 x 100 gm balls of Sirdar Denim Sport Aran. So I bought ten balls on line, to make sure. And I used four. Yes, four. But that does mean that I have another six 100 gm balls, which is enough to make another one (don’t think so!) or an Aran jacket or jumper for a child.

hubby wearing new topneck shapingwhole thing (and my slippers)side seamarmhole shaping


Can’t believe April started with snow. We’d been in t-shirts and sunshine last week. But there you go. Seeds are starting to seedle (hooray) and I’ve had a little potter in the garden this morning, sorting out the rest of the blue fescues. I had bought eight a couple of years ago, and apparently they need lifting, dividing, and pruning right down every so often – after two years. So I ended up with about twenty four of the damn things. Managed to find new homes for some of them – three friends – and planted/pruned the rest in the back garden today. Also got up some huge dandelions. Bloody things. Hate them. Get everywhere. Also weed-killered the weeds on the drive and the patio, and sorted out the messiest bed – only a little one fortunately. That’s more than enough for fescues newly pruned and planted

pot with grasses inhellebores and tulipThe cat was outside too and forgot that she’s supposed to be too cool for school, and completely disinterested in the doings of mortals. She actually ran over to see what I was doing! bless her up tree

Am managing to knit whenever I like now. It has taken till now though – some days I couldn’t knit at all, and am having to take paracetamol occasionally, but not every day. Tried a “mitred square” – it’s actually a dishcloth, but didn’t quite turn out square. It’s more kite-shaped, but fine for a dishcloth. Probably because I always slip the first stitch of every row.dishcloth

The new yarn shop in Hall Green has closed, which is a big shame. A difficult time though to be in business, particularly an independent, local business. Thank goodness for the Stitch group on a Thursday night.

Am a bit impatient with all the Easter goings on though. For goodness’ sake. It’s based on a pagan spring festival, a celebration of the kinder weather and the growing season. But I’ll try and put my heathen-ness in my pocket and smile. Or at least not heckle. Grrr.

Had my hair cut on Wednesday, nice and short, and went for lunch with my lovely friend Fiona, whose life is a bit fraught at the moment. By the end of May, though, things should be sorted out for her hopefully. Then to the library before I went home – although I’m knitting again, I’m still reading as well.

Lots and lots of new knitting projects popping into my head. Three of the grandchildren came to stay with their dad and his partner on Monday, absolutely delightful.  They are such fun to be around, if exhausting. Lucy went through my knitting files and chose a pattern for a hat and coat for her American Girl Doll, and I have plans for the other four kiddiwinks too.

Hubby is currently filling holes in a wall in the study, ready for re-painting. Apparently I’m doing the painting bit. Really? Thought I wasn’t allowed up ladders. Will have to wait until the mood/energy strikes me, and there is no threat of water being cut off.

Had a letter from the water suppliers yesterday – they’ve not managed to fix that burst yet, so from Tuesday, for five days – FIVE DAYS – the water might be cut off/low pressure/a funny colour. But at least they do advise us well in advance, so we can fill jugs/saucepans/the bath in case.

Well, that’s about it for now I think. It was definitely time for a blog though.