The Knitting Project

Finally, finally, finished hubby’s v neck slipover. Actual knitting time – approximately seven weeks. Elapsed time – eighteen months. But hurray! jubilation! and celebrations! it’s finished, it fits, he loves it and I am absolutely delighted.

I used a slightly different making up method – with the right side facing me all the time, so it looks much better than my usual. It was a sort of mattress stitch, even on the ribbing, and even when one side of the seam was purled, and the other was knitted. Worked a treat. I am also pleased with the v-neck – I followed the instructions in the pattern, but wasn’t quite sure how to work the decreases. But it looks fine.

The pattern I followed was from Yarn Forward magazine, and either they, or I, got the amounts of yarn required wrong. I thought I’d worked it out by yardage, which is what I usually do, and I thought I needed 9 x 100 gm balls of Sirdar Denim Sport Aran. So I bought ten balls on line, to make sure. And I used four. Yes, four. But that does mean that I have another six 100 gm balls, which is enough to make another one (don’t think so!) or an Aran jacket or jumper for a child.

hubby wearing new topneck shapingwhole thing (and my slippers)side seamarmhole shaping

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