Nearly The End of April

First of all – Happy Birthday to Rejane! (my French friend).

Weight gain – have been very good and strict, but yesterday ED and her chappie cooked me a fabulous meal, with starter – smoked salmon, avocado, and salad, then deep pan pizza with buffalo mozzarella and Parma ham. Ate the lot. Am absolutely full to bursting, even this morning  – oh, wait – it’s afternoon (12.25 pm as I write).

So I haven’t lost any weight yet. But will continue with the chocolate starvation regimen and see what happens in a week or two.

Health – aha! went to the hospital on Friday morning and was very reassured. Apparently I should expect some pain for three months. If it hasn’t resolved by then, well, they’ll look further into it. So I have stopped panicking, am taking painkillers, and knitting as and when I can. And here is a picture of the camper van for YD – who has always wanted one . . . it’s a door stop.


Mother’s Day Out. Went very well, all things considered, despite a couple of glitches. We couldn’t get a taxi from the restaurant to the theatre, as there were road works round it, so she had to walk. And there were steps down to the stalls! Aagh! I had promised all this was taken care of! but didn’t imagine there would be Kim.steps Down To The Stalls! Again, Mother just managed it. She is brave and determined, and just gets on with stuff. Timing went absolutely according to plan, just exhausting for all of us. Good though!

Mother & Sister.Mother and BeckySister & nieces

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