it’s been a while . . .

To be honest, I haven’t really recovered since Mother’s Day Out. It was wonderful, but has left me absolutely exhausted. ED is up today from Southampton, doing things with YD, and they’re both coming here for lunch. It’s wonderful to see them both, but I don’t even have the energy to shower and dress. Currently wearing old paint splattered t-shirt and matching – well, actually, non-matching but equally paint splattered – old combat trousers.

Feels like I have had flu, and this is the aftermath, when every time you walk into another room, for example, exhaustion and achiness floods everything. Am sleeping a lot. A Lot.

But it will pass, if I get enough rest.

The knitting is going ok, despite pain in both hands now. I have a follow up appointment at Warwick Hospital on 20th July, so will see what they say. I knit for a little while, then rest, then knit some more. In the process of making some doll clothes for one of the granddaughters – then there’s another four things to knit for the other grandchildren. All planned, resourced (from my stash and the Ravelry website), and sitting waiting in the “Projects Waiting To Be Done Next” bag. There is a wardrobe full of “Projects Waiting To Be Done At Some Stage” upstairs, and I have to confess to ordering yet more yarn – well, it was so heavily reduced, and is such lovely yarn, it would have been Rude Not To!

Ooh. Have made contact with the Solihull Town Twinning Association (as that is how, indirectly, I came to know Rejane), and had a sort of “interview” type meeting over a cup of tea with the Membership Secretary. She thinks I’m young! Ha! 57! but is keen to encourage “younger” members. Interesting.

Will stop now. Didn’t mean to moan, but feel a bit better now I have!

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