6th June 2012

What a lot of fuss about the Jubilee. If you ask me, we should elect our heads of state. I do think our Queen is a good woman, and has to put up with a lot, but then she does have an awful lot of help, does she not. Three budgets in the Treasury to support the Royals. Prince Charles’ Duchy business is self supporting – it has to be, by law, because you can’t use public (taxpayers’) money to fund a profit making enterprise. And of course their own enormous wealth. Shame that the old Duke isn’t well though. 91 on Sunday too. Bet he’s fed up. He’s such a character – you just never know what he’s going to say next.

And the weather! what on earth is going on? a week or so of fabulous sunshine, and now it’s raining “cats and dogs” as the saying goes. I have been going in the garden for the odd moment when it’s not actually pissing down to try and prop up the poppies, which are just a joy, but messy and soggy after all this rain. They do look much better now. The cat is not enjoying it much either. But she loves a good rub down when she comes back inside, soaking wet!

ED and chappie came to stay Sunday and Monday night because they were rained off their camp site in Wales. They booked a sort of villa thingamajig so they are at least dry, from yesterday for the rest of the week. So on Monday ED, chappie, YD and I all went to Solihull and did some serious shopping. Absolutely exhausting, but good anyway. It was lovely to spend time with both the girls.

New hand problems. Well, I guess you were all getting bored with the old problems. Still got them though, just extra now. The space between the forefinger and third finger knuckles is swollen and sore, and on the right hand the next space is swollen too. Ice packs, painkillers, compressing gloves, and will mention it to the consultant at the hospital next time I go.

Have now knitted something for all five grandchildren. Very pleased with how they all turned out – photos to follow when the children have actually received them, so as not to spoil the surprise.

Hubby took me in his car today to drop off the winter duvets for washing, fetch a large bag of medication for each of us, and get some milk and bread rolls. Somehow our system had failed, and we were short of both. But all done now, and we managed to dodge the showers.

Just heard that ED’s Italian friend is expecting in December! Hooray! more babies to knit for!

And am keeping the weight off – still restricting the chocolate. Not so restrained with wool purchase, though. Had an email from “blacksheep.co.uk” today, they’ve got a sale on some yarns, and I bought 300 gms of two different colours in Crofter DK. It’s really lovely yarn to knit with, looks great knitted up, and goes a long way.

Next knitting project, as soon as I get the yarn (three different lots on order!) is a “monster” door-stop for ED. Sewing project too, she’s asked for one of my home-made bags and chosen the fabric, so that’s for next week I think. It takes a couple of hours, two sessions of about an hour each, so not too much work.

And a trip down to Southampton is planned, cat booked into kennels (. . . . .) for her birthday barbecue bash. Always good. Must make some cakes.

Must phone GP for results of blood tests. I’m still very tired, but not quite as bad, but very achy from the gardening on Monday. I only did about 20 minutes, but it was clearly more than my muscles are used to!

Haven’t heard from Rejane for a while – am hoping all is well in Cholet. A couple of friends have said they’ve sent me emails but I haven’t received them – I have checked the account online and it seems to be ok.

Ooh. Google spotted, and stopped, somebody trying to hack into my Google account from The Netherlands! So I’ve changed all passwords – ha! take that, hackers! Problem now is going to be remembering them all . . . . .

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