Ravelry The Wonderful

Yesterday I went to Stitch Solihull and finished the “Pimpelliese” shawlette I’d been knitting. There was some chat about Ravelry, the knitting and crochet website. I am a member, and regularly log on to search for knitting patterns, but had no idea of all the other things you can do.

I have photographed, catalogued, and inventoried my “stash” of yarn, which makes life so much easier. Then I ordered some big plastic boxes and sealable plastic bags for storage, which is currently mostly IKEA bags and just a big mess. Felt very smug indeed. Next, catalogued and inventoried *all* my knitting needles, which after 51 years of knitting is A Lot. Not only is it now all listed and nice and easy to look at, you can view the inventories in a variety of ways – chart, with or without photos, and even download the information in spreadsheet format to your computer! Excellent. And all free.

Then I discovered that at least two of the Stitch Solihull members are also on Ravelry and we are now “Ravelry” “friends” – much the same as on facebook. Excellent, again.

So tonight I’m planning to start another “Wingspan” shawlette, in blues and greens, with King Cole ZigZag sock yarn. I have to have a little “space” between knitting projects. I could have cast on, in theory, last night, but like when I’ve finished reading a book, I need a little time before starting the next one. Just to get the plot and characters out of my head (only with knitting it’s the pattern and colours). Only 24 hours, you understand, don’t need longer than that.

Tomorrow the shopping is being delivered, which is my main task for the day. Putting it away, I mean. Hubby and I do it together but I always end up exhausted. Pathetic.

Saw the GP today. Apparently my red blood cells are too big, which can indicate anaemia, but my B12 and folate levels are fine. She’s going to write to the haemotologist to see what’s what.

The weather yesterday was spectacular. A thunderstorm which involved thunder rolling continuously for about an hour, with regular lightning flashes too. Cat was a bit bothered. We switched off both our computers, but the modem and router were still on. Hmm. Anyway, no problems.

Made a chocolate cake on Wednesday with beetroot. Yup, beetroot. It’s ok, but I think I overcooked it a bit. The recipe said to use a 900g loaf tin, and I only have two 450g loaf tins, so used those and cooked it for less time. But clearly still too long. It’s a bit dry, but will be fine with ice cream or sorbet. Which I have ordered for tomorrow.

Also found and ordered some Lindt plain chocolate with sea salt, which has been highly recommended, so I am interested to know what that’s like. Chocolate with chili is lovely, although you wouldn’t think so, but I have tried it and it’s very nice. Just a subtle after-taste.

Time for The Archers. An everyday tale of country folk (aka “soap opera”).

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