12th August 2012

I can’t believe how quickly time flies in between blogs!

Also very surprised at how emotional and involved I have been with the Olympics. I feel really proud to be British – the general view, including mine, is that it has been a roaring success, not just medal-wise, but the organisation, the BBC’s coverage, the crowds have been wonderful, and every time somebody wins (or loses, don’t care) I cry! absolutely loved every minute of it. Watched sports I have never even heard of, and got involved with those too! the effort, the training, the sheer dedication and sportsmanship of everybody involved has been fabulous. I will actually miss it when it’s over, but am looking forward to the closing ceremony.

The weather is mixed again here – sunshine and then rain, but the garden is looking lovely as a result.  The knitting is going well – and I have changed some of my plans knitting-wise – decided not to knit some stuff, but to knit different things instead. I’ve sorted out my six lever arch folders of patterns, they’re in much better order now, re-organised my “planned projects” folder, and am very excited about it.

Turns out I don’t have rheumatoid arthritis. Well, thank goodness for that! but I still have painful swollen knuckles, so am to have an ultrasound scan to see what’s going on. The back is a bit dodgy, but manageable, the feet are a pain and I need to “man up” and organise a visit to the man who gives me the horrid injections (but not just yet . . .)

Time to go and do my ironing, including my fab new beaded top from Boden in a colour called “sunset”. Can’t wait for an excuse to wear it!


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