22nd August 2012

Busy busy week so far.

Monday: went to the GP for my regular visit – this time regarding my red blood cells, which are apparently too large.

pm: installed my friend’s computer – I’d had to change the dead hard drive. All working now and she’s very pleased. Lovely flowers now in the lounge – delightful.

Tuesday: had a pedicure, then another blood test for these wretched red blood cells. Blood tests are not a problem for me as I have “fabulous veins” but it does mean that I tend to carry on bleeding afterwards, which is not a good look.

Today: I have hemmed a dress, which I had had to cut 4″ off, finished a small knitted thingamajig, chosen the buttons for the current shawlette I’m knitting, ordered the shopping online, ordered various gifts online, and had lunch.

Now of course it’s time for a sleep, as I get so damn tired. But the doctor phoned to say that my blood results are absolutely fine, but I am to have regular tests and may end up at the blood clinic. Which is fine.

The cat is asleep on her radiator bed, having spent almost all of yesterday outside, she’s sleeping it off today. Bless.

I’ve re-jigged my knitting projects into a more manageable size and priority, so am feeling ok about that too. The sun is trying to shine, but it keeps raining as well. British weather. You just have to deal with it. As Billy Connolly said, there’s just weather, no “bad” or “good” weather, and you dress accordingly. Yup, I agree with that.

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