Think I’ve wor…

Think I’ve worked out why I’m so damn low.

  1. Too much going on.
  2. In pain.
  3. Disappointed that I’m still in pain.

So that’s three things. Now I’ve worked that out, I do feel a bit better. As if I have some sort of control, even though I probably don’t.

So, this afternoon, I have done things which are relatively easy to do, but make me feel much more useful. I have done and printed out our home-made calendar for next year – it tells us when the school holidays are (grandchildren), when the bank holidays are, and when all the birthdays fall. It’s a bit of a faff to do because of course the days of the week and the dates are different every year, but I’ve done it. In Libre Office (ubuntu equivalent of Microsoft Excel).

Also have updated, saved and printed off a lovely knitting pattern for a little tiny angel to hang on the Christmas tree. I’ve bought some gold crochet yarn and will post a photo when it’s done – here’s a link to one somebody else has knitted:

Next, I did my ironing, which only took me 20 minutes. I promised myself I will do it every week, so it doesn’t build up too much. Then a little walk round the garden – round the block would just be too much today.

And now I’m sitting here feeling quite smug really, so that’s an improvement on pathetic and useless, isn’t it?

Here’s some photos of the garden.





Absolutely exhausted. Still. Had the injection in my thumb joint, which hardly hurt at all because I had a local anaesthetic. They couldn’t do my knuckles, that involves a general anaesthetic or at least sedation. Thumb is still very painful, and now it’s been a week, not sure it’s going to settle at all. If it doesn’t, that means surgery (trapeziectomy). Big, big bummer. Check up in 5 weeks on 2nd November.

Just too many things happening at the moment. Maybe now I can get some rest. Car was serviced and MoTd today, so that’s all done, but it involves hubby driving to and from the garage so I can drop it off. But all done now.

Sleeping loads and loads, and very low. Hardly able to knit at all, managed 6 rows last night of a baby cardigan. Will keep trying, even if I only do a few rows per day, a baby thing shouldn’t take too long. Have re-organised my Xmas list, ordered most of it online, and have decided I just can’t be sure I’m able to knit any more presents. Ah well. Life does have a tendency to jump up and bite one, and now I’ve sort of taken hold of that and change my plans, I feel a bit better about that.

I have a chance to catch up on some sleep tomorrow, and Friday too.  We shop online at Waitrose, so it’s delivered every Saturday, and we’ve even booked the Christmas slot! which is just excellent. I just plonk any old order in the slot, so that you can keep the slot, and then edit it nearer the time.

Hubby currently cooking omelette for tea – he makes fab omelettes with potatoes, onions, bacon and all sorts. Food always helps – but I have to watch that, because the tendency is to think Ooh I’ll just have something to eat (toast, cereal, chocolate) because that makes me feel better. And of course because I don’t do any proper exercise I would just balloon.

Am intending to start going to yoga next week. Beginners’ yoga of course, and we’ll see how it goes. Have a yoga mat, and new big old t-shirts, one of which is emblazoned “Sonic The Hedgehog” which was one of my nicknames at an old job.

Well, as I don’t have anything cheerful to say, I’ll shut up.

September 16th

What a week. Absolutely exhausted. Slept and slept and slept. I had to go to Warwick Hospital on Monday, though, which involved getting up at stupid o’clock, for an ultrasound scan on my hands. Then on Thursday they phoned and arranged for me to have a steroid injection in my left thumb joint next Tuesday. I asked them if the ultrasound scan results would be available to the consultant by then,  and if my knuckles required steroid injections, would he do them at the same time. They said probably, and they’d make sure he had the results by then. At least I’ll have a local anaesthetic.

But I need to cancel my osteopath appointment for that morning, and can’t get through on the phone. Tried and tried Thursday and Friday, and will try again tomorrow. Either somebody’s off sick or their phone’s out of order.

Have finished knitting a blue cabled jumper and matching dinosaur hat for a certain little boy’s birthday on 6th December. Just need to sew up the jumper – but my hands are so painful I’m going to have to leave it for a week or so till I’ve recovered from the injection(s).

Had a postcard from Rejane today – on holiday in the USA and having a fab time. Excellent. I’ve been to New York twice, but that’s all. We drove upstate through Vermont/Massachusetts when I went with hubby and it was absolutely beautiful. Particularly as it was November and the autumn colours are amazing.

What a fuss about William & Kate. The press have behaved appallingly. She thought she was in private. Why would she not sunbathe topless? How dare they invade her privacy like that – and then damn well publish the photos! If she had been on a public beach, that would have been quite different. But in a private holiday house, when she thought it was just her and Will, it’s awful. And now they’re on the internet. Poor woman. Everybody has the right to some privacy. I am a staunch Republican, but I feel so sorry for her.

Have been through six knitting magazines today and sorted out the pages I’ll keep. I subscribe to five of them, and will stop subscribing to one when the year runs out in February. The other one I buy occasionally. I tear out any patterns or helpful hints and tips, put them in plastic punched folder things and file them. I have six lever arch files for my knitting stuff, all with different subjects (child patterns up to age 2, child patterns up to age 13, toys, adult patterns, etc etc etc) and regularly clear them out.

Am busily collecting photos from the wedding. YD’s daughter-in-law has put hers on CD for me, YD is going to drop it round next time I see her. ED is going to put hers on Dropbox and make it shareable so I can just copy them down to my pc. YD’s own camera is full of photos which she will bring round so I can download them too. And of course there’ll be the professional ones which should be good too. Very exciting.

Weather is beautiful. Slightly cooler now it’s heading into autumn, but the garden is lovely. The Michaelmas daisies are lovely – bright lilac. The rudbeckias are a dash of bright yellow in various places round the garden and the sedums are just coming into bloom. The cat spends hours sitting watching the butterflies and eating them if she catches one. Eww. But they don’t sting and aren’t poisonous.


The Wedding

It was absolutely lovely. Every single thing was fabulous. Including the weather, which, considering the summer we’ve had, was amazing.

They got married in The Electric Cinema in Birmingham, which is an ideal venue for a wedding. The Registrar was booked and all the legal stuff was done there and then. Little electric nightlights all over the place, really pretty. Very personal ceremony. YD wept right through her vows, and needed a tissue afterwards to mop up. Bless. Prosecco and “film quiz” after the Registrar had gone, so chat and socialising for a while.

Then out on to the street, confetti (provided – a sort of pot pourri with dried lavender in little lacy paper cones made from doilies), and back to the hotel which was booked for the reception.

Beautiful small family hotel, lovely gardens. Whole hotel devoted to the wedding party. Buffet lunch, photos, tea and (home made by various people, including me!)  cakes later, then hog roast. It was lovely to see all the grandchildren, all the extended families, all very special and a lovely atmosphere throughout. Must stop saying “lovely”. But it was.

Speeches – the groom got very emotional through his (he’s had serious health problems, but is better now) speech, and that was very affecting and touching.

Photos – when I have some I’ll post them. I’m going to see what the official photographer’s are like, so they may not be online, I just don’t know yet. But there may well be some that people have taken themselves or with YD or Groom’s camera, so they might be posted.

A wonderful day, just wonderful.

I’m so tired today I slept till 4.30 pm. I was up at 9, to await ED who was picking up her wonky computer which I’d fixed. She went about 11 am so I went straight to bed and slept all day. I can’t even knit I’m so pathetic, but it’ll pass.

And I have a large bruise on my ankle where youngest grandchild stomped on me in a rage. But he’s only 3. Hmm. And one-to-one he’s delightful. We spent a happy hour making a “mouse nest” from things we found on the ground (no picking flowers) like feathers, leaves, and so on. The feathers were of course ideal.

If I think of anything else I’ll post again but my brain really is not working terribly well. Off to drink decaff instant coffee and listen to Simon & Garfunkel with hubby.


Busy, busy, busy. Knitting like a madwoman – loving it though. Finished another Pimpelliese (very pleased) and am now on a little jumper for a certain little boy. Cable panels, so easy enough, and quick to knit on double knit yarn. I’m using Sirdar Click which I really like. No problems yet!

Went to a party last night. Yep, me, a party. It was a “cocktails and cupcakes” party, and I was easily old enough to be the mother of anybody there. Very jolly, I had “virgin” cocktails (actually orange juice with grenadine), with a straw and a pretty foil thing which looked like a tiny cheerleader’s pom pom. Stayed for about an hour and half, then went home. In bed for ten past ten. I need my sleep!

Next week building up to making cakes . . . .

Pottered about in the garden for ten minutes today. Sorted out the horrid messy basil plant we keep on the kitchen windowsill so it looks a bit better looked after, and pruned the wistaria, which is constantly going bonkers, and the dead/dying buddleia. Very satisfying.

Went to the osteopath on Tuesday for a jolly good stretching and massage and that always helps. This Thursday I’m having my hands and feet done with Calgel nails. I can’t do nail varnish, my hands are too shaky, and if somebody does it for me, within five minutes I’ve wrecked it (smudge, scratch, chip). So Calgel it is, but not very often.

Have just pre-ordered the Rev Series 2 DVD – out in November. Can’t wait. And am sorting out going to Harry Potter World. Hubby thinks it’s child oriented, but I just don’t care. I really want to go. Oldest grandchild went for his birthday last Thursday and loved it. It sounds excellent, really excellent. And I’m just reading all the Harry Potter books on my Kindle. Currently about a quarter of the way through Book 2 (Chamber of Secrets). Also have just read Quidditch through the Ages (laugh out loud funny) and Fantastic Creatures and where to find them (also funny, but not so laugh out loud). Must get Beedle the Bard’s book too.

Cat very relaxed at the moment:

Bertie the cat

Relaxing . . .