The Wedding

It was absolutely lovely. Every single thing was fabulous. Including the weather, which, considering the summer we’ve had, was amazing.

They got married in The Electric Cinema in Birmingham, which is an ideal venue for a wedding. The Registrar was booked and all the legal stuff was done there and then. Little electric nightlights all over the place, really pretty. Very personal ceremony. YD wept right through her vows, and needed a tissue afterwards to mop up. Bless. Prosecco and “film quiz” after the Registrar had gone, so chat and socialising for a while.

Then out on to the street, confetti (provided – a sort of pot pourri with dried lavender in little lacy paper cones made from doilies), and back to the hotel which was booked for the reception.

Beautiful small family hotel, lovely gardens. Whole hotel devoted to the wedding party. Buffet lunch, photos, tea and (home made by various people, including me!)  cakes later, then hog roast. It was lovely to see all the grandchildren, all the extended families, all very special and a lovely atmosphere throughout. Must stop saying “lovely”. But it was.

Speeches – the groom got very emotional through his (he’s had serious health problems, but is better now) speech, and that was very affecting and touching.

Photos – when I have some I’ll post them. I’m going to see what the official photographer’s are like, so they may not be online, I just don’t know yet. But there may well be some that people have taken themselves or with YD or Groom’s camera, so they might be posted.

A wonderful day, just wonderful.

I’m so tired today I slept till 4.30 pm. I was up at 9, to await ED who was picking up her wonky computer which I’d fixed. She went about 11 am so I went straight to bed and slept all day. I can’t even knit I’m so pathetic, but it’ll pass.

And I have a large bruise on my ankle where youngest grandchild stomped on me in a rage. But he’s only 3. Hmm. And one-to-one he’s delightful. We spent a happy hour making a “mouse nest” from things we found on the ground (no picking flowers) like feathers, leaves, and so on. The feathers were of course ideal.

If I think of anything else I’ll post again but my brain really is not working terribly well. Off to drink decaff instant coffee and listen to Simon & Garfunkel with hubby.


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