September 16th

What a week. Absolutely exhausted. Slept and slept and slept. I had to go to Warwick Hospital on Monday, though, which involved getting up at stupid o’clock, for an ultrasound scan on my hands. Then on Thursday they phoned and arranged for me to have a steroid injection in my left thumb joint next Tuesday. I asked them if the ultrasound scan results would be available to the consultant by then,  and if my knuckles required steroid injections, would he do them at the same time. They said probably, and they’d make sure he had the results by then. At least I’ll have a local anaesthetic.

But I need to cancel my osteopath appointment for that morning, and can’t get through on the phone. Tried and tried Thursday and Friday, and will try again tomorrow. Either somebody’s off sick or their phone’s out of order.

Have finished knitting a blue cabled jumper and matching dinosaur hat for a certain little boy’s birthday on 6th December. Just need to sew up the jumper – but my hands are so painful I’m going to have to leave it for a week or so till I’ve recovered from the injection(s).

Had a postcard from Rejane today – on holiday in the USA and having a fab time. Excellent. I’ve been to New York twice, but that’s all. We drove upstate through Vermont/Massachusetts when I went with hubby and it was absolutely beautiful. Particularly as it was November and the autumn colours are amazing.

What a fuss about William & Kate. The press have behaved appallingly. She thought she was in private. Why would she not sunbathe topless? How dare they invade her privacy like that – and then damn well publish the photos! If she had been on a public beach, that would have been quite different. But in a private holiday house, when she thought it was just her and Will, it’s awful. And now they’re on the internet. Poor woman. Everybody has the right to some privacy. I am a staunch Republican, but I feel so sorry for her.

Have been through six knitting magazines today and sorted out the pages I’ll keep. I subscribe to five of them, and will stop subscribing to one when the year runs out in February. The other one I buy occasionally. I tear out any patterns or helpful hints and tips, put them in plastic punched folder things and file them. I have six lever arch files for my knitting stuff, all with different subjects (child patterns up to age 2, child patterns up to age 13, toys, adult patterns, etc etc etc) and regularly clear them out.

Am busily collecting photos from the wedding. YD’s daughter-in-law has put hers on CD for me, YD is going to drop it round next time I see her. ED is going to put hers on Dropbox and make it shareable so I can just copy them down to my pc. YD’s own camera is full of photos which she will bring round so I can download them too. And of course there’ll be the professional ones which should be good too. Very exciting.

Weather is beautiful. Slightly cooler now it’s heading into autumn, but the garden is lovely. The Michaelmas daisies are lovely – bright lilac. The rudbeckias are a dash of bright yellow in various places round the garden and the sedums are just coming into bloom. The cat spends hours sitting watching the butterflies and eating them if she catches one. Eww. But they don’t sting and aren’t poisonous.


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